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Children’s Hospitals Week Day 5: We are #StayingHomeFor …

To bring Children’s Hospitals Week “back home”, we are sharing who our CMN staff are #StayingHomeFor. We have loved seeing Children’s Miracle Network promote social distancing and keeping our communities safe by sharing this message.

Andrew is #StayingHomeFor his 92-year-old grandmother

Caitlin is #StayingHomeFor her 89-year-old grandmother, 91-year-old grandfather and friends who are immune-compromised

Jordan is #StayingHomeFor her 5-month-old son

Mandy is #StayingHomeFor her husband who has an immune disorder

Patty is #StayingHomeFor her Walmart Honor Patients from Phoenix Children’s Hospital: Adri, Alex, Ethan, Kaitlynn, Melody, Noah, Pyper , Shonalisa and Yeira (pictured with her front door sign explaining why her health is keeping her inside)

Rachel is #StayingHomeFor her dad, “Mr. Kent A. Larsen”

Susan is #StayingHomeFor
the patients at PCH

We are ALL #StayingHomeFor
our patients like Isaiah. Even though Isaiah is a patient himself, he is still thinking of others. Check out who Isaiah is #StayingHomeFor

On behalf of everyone at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, we hope you and your families are staying safe and healthy during this time. Thank you for celebrating #ChildrensHospitalsWeek with us!