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Costco – Inspiration That Excites

In a year consumed by anxiety, fear, and uncertainty, we looked to our community leaders to be a source of stability, strength, and hope. Our friends at Costco exhibited just that. Their Annual Costco Miracle Month fundraiser, which occurred throughout the month of September, raised an impressive $730,860 for Phoenix Children’s Hospital. These efforts brought their total fundraising efforts for 2020 to an outstanding $798,796!

These critical funds will allow Phoenix Children’s to remain on the cutting edge of research, advances in therapy’s, and innovative approaches to treating our local patient population. We feel immense gratitude for the generosity of the many Costco members who made donations as well as the hard work put in by each and every Costco employee.

We would like to take this opportunity to shine light on an individual who far exceeded our expectations during this campaign. Based at the North Phoenix Warehouse off the 101 and I-17 at Deer Valley Road, a front-end associate named Billy went above and beyond the call of duty to single handedly raise $20,000 toward the campaign. You heard that right, one person – $20,000!!!!

Motivated by his love and dedication to his community, Billy cancelled a scheduled vacation to work additional shifts in order to collect more donations. Thank you to Billy, and the rest of the North Phoenix Warehouse for fundraising a total of $97,319 for the Miracle Month Campaign. Stories like yours humble us. They are a welcomed reminder of the impact we can inspire, when we support each other.

Whether you raised $20 or $20,000, thank you for your support. Every donation, big or small, adds up and makes a significant impact on the lives of so many. Thank you Costco for another successful Annual Miracle Month.